La Cultura Chilena (Adjusting to particular social variations!)

La Cultura Chilena (Adjusting to particular social variations!)

Alrighty, I am aware I said in my past article that i try gonna talk about night-lives and that i had a blog post almost completed then my desktop got taken…yeah…awesome. And so i try not to really feel such as for example creating everything once more and receiving enraged recalling about the computer system-taking fiasco! Therefore, I’m attending discuss Chilean society…it won’t be a book vow ?? Shortly after life style here to have 30 days I’m most certainly not a professional, however, you will find several most visible social differences right here, and most ones are pretty comedy! Therefore here i wade:

I must bring a video clip of someone saying they, it’s a term having bounce and you can force, I favor they!

  1. Greetings (Saludos)

About U.S. if you find yourself planning state hi to anybody or a group, you midget dating only wave at group since you walking from the, handshake if it’s a lot more specialized otherwise hug if you are family relations, proper? Well here, to say hello you state “Hola” then push your cheek to another person’s cheek and hug air (or if you are a teenage guy, you not so discreetly bush a hug close to my personal cheek…nice). This occurs ranging from folk and you can ranging from people, men simply shake hands, therefore create a hug into blend when you are an effective family relations. To express goodbye is the identical question, but you state “Chao” and type off feel you are Italian. (They look on your funny if you say “Adios” too!) The point that cracks me personally right up is that you Need certainly to welcome and you can say goodbye to each people yourself. My personal favorite instance of this might be within the youth group, while i enter the room while having commit around and you will kiss 50 Chileans towards the cheek…assuming We miss you to they part it and you can I’m automatically super impolite! I am really bad that have remembering which when i leave behind groups of people, I shall merely state “Chao!” revolution and start to walk out-of, then see just how rude I am being!

Chileans choose to laugh that they you should never chat Foreign-language, they cam Chilean. I didn’t know which prior to I emerged right here, nevertheless turns out one Chile provides a reputation having Most difficult to know Language…and that i is now able to verify that profile entire-heartedly! First of all makes talking “Chilean” so difficult is because they chat incredibly punctual! Local Foreign language-speakers as a whole seem to speak really rapidly for me, however, Chileans chat fast even for indigenous speakers, it is nuts! Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

Chileans together with prefer to use slang, so they really features a great deal of conditions which do not sound right everywhere but Chile

Poh: Chileans are the voice “poh” to any term they excite. It’s most commonly known with “si”, so very often Chileans function that have “sipo!” so you’re able to questions. I have discovered you to definitely during the conversations between relatives or with type out of romantic matter/feelings, it initiate sliding poh on the one word all phrase, it can make anything very hard to adhere to at first! However, I favor seeking to use it today, therefore splits her or him upwards as i create, it like you to I’m as a chilena J

Bakan: it is similar to “awesome”, they normally use they to spell it out something that was chill otherwise enjoyable or interesting, los cuales bakan, zero?!

Pololo/polola: it indicates novio/novia (boyfriend/girlfriend), but inaddition it means that the partnership is pretty really serious, if I’m understanding correctly. Try stating they, it’s eg an amusing word! Oh, and you may “pololear” form “up to now”.

Cachai/cache: Cachai is used in the place of “entiendes?” (you know?). And if you are aware you work with “cache!”. Chileans sneak “cachai” towards the prevent out of numerous phrases, speeches try full of it! Cachai?

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