Plus Cluster Kurenai, Sai plus the remainder of Party Kakashi attempt to discover and you can capture Itachi Uchiha

Plus Cluster Kurenai, Sai plus the remainder of Party Kakashi attempt to discover and you can capture Itachi Uchiha

Whenever Kakashi summoned their ninken to assist them to towards the purpose, Sai was partnered having Uhei and you will Urushi and you will wondered so you can themselves regardless if he might become family unit members with dogs.

Fated Competition Ranging from Brothers

Chief post: Fated Battle Anywhere between Brothers He therefore the other people in this new 7 Kid Squad were afterwards confronted by Tobi, which stalled him or her for a lengthy period to prevent them out-of finding none Sasuke nor Itachi.

Six-Tails Unleashed

Main blog post: Six-Tails Unleashed Regarding the cartoon, Sai and remainder of Team Kakashi was tasked a goal amongst the Tsuchigumo Clan. Once they achieved the interest it discover the place good damage and you may a harm Tonbee. Sakura cured your of course the guy restored their energy, the guy advised them you to definitely several ninja assaulted, picking out the Tsuchigumo clan’s kinjutsu, which his grandchild, Hotaru, escaped as a consequence of a key passing involved. Sai, Naruto and Yamato kept to get their, leaving Sakura to take care of Tonbee. As he, Yamato and Naruto ced Utakata close their. Naruto assaulted your underneath the impact he was a challenger so you can it are clarified he had been only escorting her up until Konoha showed up. Utakata upcoming left Hotaru within hands, however, she is actually would not they and Sai conned the lady with the permitting her or him escort her toward Tsuchigumo Town. If the group reached the latest town it kept this lady on remainder of their clan. They returned when they experienced the new villagers thoughts into Hotaru doubtful, and found she are gone.

Afterwards, Sai and you may Naruto struggled a few Kiri-Anbu because they had been assaulting Utakata who’d Hotaru which have your. The top of one’s Kiri-nin grabbed Yamato away to discuss the fresh issues regarding Utakata. Once matters try fixed to a certain degree, the brand new teams departed. Sai together with other people in the near future learn one Hotaru had an excellent search you to definitely kept the girl clan’s kinjutsu embedded within her right back, much on Konoha-nin’s treat.

A little while once, Cluster Kakashi and Utakata headed towards the Tsuchigumo Community again after Hotaru was kidnapped. Whenever you are truth be told there, Sai, Yamato and you will Sakura battled the Tsuchigumo clan villagers who were less than Shiranami’s control additionally the Magaki Classification if you’re Naruto and Utakata ran get a hold of Hotaru. They departed once Shiranami is defeated and his plan unsuccessful.

Pain’s Assault

Chief article: Pain’s Assault When Naruto joined the Hokage’s work environment, he was viewed having Sakura, the fresh new toads, Shizune and the Hokage since Naruto learned out-of his master’s demise. Throughout the Pain’s physical violence toward Konoha, Sai is away having Yamato and you may Anko Mitarashi, tracking down Kabuto Yakushi. He utilized a unique record method that may not imagined of the Kabuto. Anko actually congratulated your regarding. They eliminated the newest browse just after a surprised Yamato had told the team you to Naruto had hit this new half a dozen-tailed version of the brand new 9-Tails.

Four Kage Summit

Following invasion, Danzo is created Hokage. He summoned Sai just before him and you will taught your to store a keen vision with the Naruto. Sai asked why, so Danzo explained you to definitely Naruto, having defeated Aches, was now new village’s hero for example more popular than just Danzo himself. Although not, he was however the new village’s jinchuriki and this must be kept in balance. Sai are satisfied with their reasons and you can visited meet with Naruto and you will Sakura. Both quickly experienced your on the Danzo, asking your to inform him or her what you the guy know. Sai asserted that he might perhaps not, because the cursed seal Danzo had apply their language averted your regarding revealing anything throughout the Means. Sakura remarked it was horrible, but Sai said that it was for the best since Sources had done a number of questionable what things to manage the town. Sakura refused their allege, mentioning you to Danzo got purchased Sasuke end up being slain since the a traitor. Sai was astonished just like the Danzo hadn’t informed your you to throughout the their conference. They were instantaneously exposed to Kumogakure ninja just who, once the brief skirmish, request to know what it know on Sasuke. Naruto, since that it troubled Sakura, volunteered to inform all of them he understood. Sai secretly noticed the latest fulfilling and exactly how Naruto could not give themselves to sell out Sasuke.

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